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Fun Facts and Statics

Fun Facts and Statics

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Some facts and statics which you may not know before about the Stockholm city: 

• Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, most populated city of country, almost 22% of the inhabitants of Sweden live in this city. 
 • It’s total population is 2 million and 16 % of the population is the migrants. 
 • Stockholm name literally means that the city built on logs. Stock means log and holm stands for island. So Stockholm means log island. 
• Almost 30 % of the total area of Stockholm is covered by green spaces, and 30% its area is water only. 
 • Stockholm 90 out of 100 subway (Metro) station are decorated by paintings, mosaics and sculptures and are said to be the world´s longest art works. 
 • It is well known for having beautiful parks, museums and green spaces. 
 • Mårten Trotzigs Gränd street is the narrowest which is located in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) its width is 90 cm only. 
 • Some of the famous brands/companies founded in Stockholm are Spotify, Skype Minecraft, Toca Boca, & Candy Crusch Saga 
• The city holds Ericsson Globe, which is the largest spherical sports stadium of the world having unique size and shape. 
 • Stockholm has 14 islands which are connected by 57 bridges. 
 • The city has around 80 outstanding museums, and 100 art galleries; world´s largest focus of galleries and museums in a single city. 
• Every year over 30 millions of visitors come to Stockholm by air, ferry, train or bus. 
• World most famous city for local & international events, exhibitions & conventions. 
• One of the World leading cities in ICT, growing its infrastructure to meet latest world standards; with over 450 sport facilities. 
• Education for Children is free of charge - There are over 260 elementary schools and over 80 high schools in Stockholm. 
• First City to receive European Green Capital award 
• Stockholm most famous and visited building and tourist attraction is called The City Hall (Stadhus)

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