Stockholm in 24 Hours – Infographic on How to Spend a Day in Stockholm



24 Hours in Stockholm
How to Spend 24 Hours in Stockholm

Stockholm in 24 Hours:

Best way to explore Stockholm in 24 hours; if you are on a very short visit to Stockholm, just have 24 hours to explore the city; the info-graphic above would definitely help you to utilize your time in the best way.

Stockholm in 48 hours:

Further, if you have more time to spend and you may want to spend 48 hours in Stockholm as well.

Public Transport in Stockholm

In Stockholm the public transportation includes buses, trains, suburban rail service, metro, tram etc. They operate all around the city and serve the passengers in the best possible manner. A large number of bus lines are available in Stockholm to cater the travel requirements of the people. The metro in Stockholm consists of the network of 100 stations. In Stockholm there are three suburban rail systems.  The trains are the comfortable and the fastest mode of traveling.

Public transport
Public transport

The passengers will find the trains as very environmentally friendly to the passengers. The visitors have a vast choice to choose among these different types of public transportation in Stockholm. There are also inner city trains that run to other cities. Trams and light rails are some other options for the visitors to move around the city without difficulty. The public transport is very reliable and cost effective. It is recommended for the budgeted traveling. read more tips on travel in Stockholm here!

About Stockholm Travel

The Stockholm city lies on the chain of islands and is the most charming land having the mixture of land and water. Stockholm is an incredible region comprising of amazing landscapes, cultural spots. It has dense lush green forests and so many other things to see and enjoy.  The city offers endless attractions for the visitors and also provides many options for moving around the city for sightseeing. There are trains, trams, metros and buses which offer pleasant and economical modes of transportation for exploring the city. The metros are popular for their artistic designs. There is also an underground railway system in the city. The climate is so soothing and calm that always favors the visitors across the world for traveling. It is rich in parks and gives the best opportunities to the visitors to spend the best of their time in visiting and enjoying different places during their Stockholm tour. Travel tips on Stockholm could be found on Stockholm Travel Tips Guides.

Stockholm Travel
Stockholm Travel

About Stockholm City

Stockholm City

Stockholm is the largest and the most famous city of Sweden and also the capital city of the country. The city is composed of 14 islands on Lake Malaren and is the most populated part of the Nordic region.The beautiful city is well known for its waters. Stockholm is a diverse land with the combination of both modern and classic architecture. The attractive old town known as Gamla Stan is the top destination for exploration and represents the culture of the city. As it is a diverse city so 30 % land is comprised of waterways, 30 % of green spaces. The city of Stockholm is rich in magnificent buildings including museums and palaces which show its beautiful history. It is certainly the most worth visiting site for tourists and visitors as it offers everything for everyone. Here are detailed Stockholm guides for the people who are planning to visit Stockholm.

Winters Activities in Stockholm

If you are planning to spend your vacations in the Stockholm in winters then you should involve in the following activities that will double your treat:


Stockholm has one of the world’s best skiing opportunities made up of natural and artificial snow. It is usually enjoyed from end of December till early days of March.

winter in stockholm
Winter Activities in Stockholm city

Ice skating:

ice skating is enjoyed between the January and March when the Inland lakes are frozen and sports like ice hockey and skating are enjoyed.

Winter hiking:

Stockholm in winters is equally enjoyed by the tourists when the lakes are frozen and the hiking is encouraged on the natural reserves in and around the city.

Stockholm, a Wonderful Tourist City

Stockholm Activities
Stockholm tourists sightseeing activities

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and is the most popular city in Nordic region.  It is the wonderful city with the hundreds of attractions for the tourists. This city is spread across 14 islands and is the cultural, media, political and the economic center of Sweden. Thus this famous city has all the reasons to be the treat for the tourist to come. It has number of art galleries, suburbs, museums, amusement parks, theaters, attractive islands and lakes thus naturally beautiful and amazing. This city is spread with the crooked but beautifully preserved buildings, gothic churches, attractive cafes and bars, restaurants.