Stockholm Cuisine

Stockholm has more than 1000 restaurants where food of every part of the world is served.

swedish food
Swedish meatballs

This city has old grand public buildings, royal palaces, rich cultural history and variety of museums and art galleries. It has the variety of food serving places that ranges from the street side fast food to the five star hotels. Thus this city welcomes the tourist with hospitality and offers free entrances and free passes to the natural parks and one more attraction for the tourist is the free public transport to the popular sites of the city.

Stockholm Culture

Culture Sweden
Midsummer Festival Stockholm

The most important thing that makes Stockholm stand out in the world is its enriched culture and history. It showcases Scandinavian culture. The city offers numerous cultural attractions for the visitors that are ideal for the people of all ages and all tastes. It has beautiful churches, astonishing architecture, outstanding museums. The museum, like Vasa Museum is famous for the maritime stories.  The museum, like national museum and the royal Swedish opera house offers outstanding cultural attractions for the visitors. The national museum is the most popular museum of the country.Some elements like glass art, modern, fashionable furniture etc. are very notorious in the culture of Stockholm. The other popular cultural attractions include The Nordic Museum, The Vasa Museum, The Katarina Church, TheRiddarholmen Church, etc.