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Some quick facts about the Stockholm city are summarized here.

Stockholm City
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It is the most populous city and almost 22% of the inhabitants of Sweden live in this city. The total population is 2 million and 16 % of the population is the migrants. It is well known for having beautiful parks and green spaces.  It is estimated that almost 30 % of the total area of Stockholm is covered by green spaces. The city holds Ericsson Globe, which is the largest spherical sports stadium of the world having unique size and shape. It has 14 islands which are connected by 57 bridges. The city has 70 outstanding museums. more fun facts and statics on Stockholm can be read on this link.

About Stockholm City

Stockholm City

Stockholm is the largest and the most famous city of Sweden and also the capital city of the country. The city is composed of 14 islands on Lake Malaren and is the most populated part of the Nordic region.The beautiful city is well known for its waters. Stockholm is a diverse land with the combination of both modern and classic architecture. The attractive old town known as Gamla Stan is the top destination for exploration and represents the culture of the city. As it is a diverse city so 30 % land is comprised of waterways, 30 % of green spaces. The city of Stockholm is rich in magnificent buildings including museums and palaces which show its beautiful history. It is certainly the most worth visiting site for tourists and visitors as it offers everything for everyone. Here are detailed Stockholm guides for the people who are planning to visit Stockholm.