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Free City Tour

Free City Tour

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Stockholm City Free Tour Duration : 90-120 Minutes 

Starting Point : Sergels Torg (Wide Stairs) 
Ending Point : Close to Old Town and the Royal Palace 
Start Time : 10 am End Time : 11:30- 12:00 pm 
Guide : Free Guides Available You would get a chance to explore lively as well as historical Stockholm, contemporary architecture of the city and old buildings. 

You would also have a chance to see many parks and would walk over water. Free tour guide would tell you many stories about Stockholm and Nobel Prize; it would a perfect chance for you to learn more about Stockholm. 

Question : What you can do next? Could catch the changing of the guards near Royal Palace around 12:00 pm


FREE CITY GUIDED TOUR - Start at 10 am almost daily and End at 11:30- 12:00 pm; Starting Point : Sergels Torg (Wide Stairs) - Ending Point : Close to Old Town and the Royal Palace .. Credited to freetourstockholm.com
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